January 28, 2010
Someone going to be panic..
That's me!Tomorrow will be my big day because tomorrow is my mid exam. This things happened yesterday and I just made a quick updates. Yesterday I really really stayed at home. I went out but only to drop my Dad's lunch meal to hospital then went to grocery shop to buy some things that my Dad's need for his next lunch meal. So after that job I stayed at home for studying.Hmm..now i'm getting panic because i will face 3 exams in the same day, i know maybe i wrote this things about 3 times,but now i can't feel my breathe away.All of the subjects are important for me, i really hope that i will pass the exam.

Still do browsing, chatting and blogging but only in a proper time like searching an article for my assignment,discus about it with my friends, and for the blogging is just something that can make me relax for a view minutes. I'm so glad that i live in this century where i can feel easy to keep in touch with others by name technology. Not much i can tell it to you about my boring day. I hope i will post and interesting picture and article right after i finished my exam day.
*Hope you enjoy this day while i'm trying to put all the accounting theory on my head :(

What I Wore:

Black Bat Wings from online store; Dry Grey Jeans by Cheap Monday; Holy Bracelet from my buddy; Casio vintage watch; Black flats from Charles and Keith; Black map by ace hardware.


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