January 27, 2010
Who doesn't know her?Raise your hand!
Her name Louise Ebel Pandora. She has been inspiring many girls in this universe with her unpredictable style. She looks sweet in every picture and her smile makes her look beatiful. I think her tradmark is her Rayban glasses, it makes her look chic. Not all girls like to wear glasses, but i think that things will make you look adorable. Most of girl in my town love to wear softlens, it makes their eyes look colorfull like expatriates. Sometimes it makes me sick when i look at them.Ow, maybe they can open their mind when they see this picture that wearing glasses look more fashionable than before.

It's really nice when you don't have something to do or just enjoy your free time before you face mid exam just like me, you can browse her blog. So inpiring! She knows how to dress up without showing her body too much. I really like her style because I want to be just like her. My principle: you can wear anything that you want as long as you feel comfortable with it and not showing your body too much. I know it's a little bit concervative but it's something that we called morals in my town, and i don't want to break the rules because people will talk about you. Maybe wearing mini dress can be acceptable because i love it wearing mini dress compared with look nude or showing your body too much, you will look cheap and i think it's gross, so eewww.

source: Pandora's blog


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