January 20, 2010
Since I was getting crazy with stripes top and I found some tops so I wore it today. This top really big on me but never mind I love it. My activities for today: wrote something on my blog, posts some photos on my tumblr, dropped my Dad's lunch to hospital, went to all fresh (the place that you can buy all freah vegetables and fruits), watch the biggest economic case in my town (it's about century bank and the house of representatives) and the last thing i want to do is finish my homework. When I was arrived at home, i don't know what to do so when i found my pinkish glasses i just took my phone and doin some photoshoot,lol.

Today i do some treatment for my face and my hair, it's diy things because i do it by myself. It was nice specially when you do it at home and before the mid exam is coming. Get ready for it? I don't think so, still counting the day even i will come by next week.*sigghh

Weather repport: Starting by this morning the rain still falling down till noon after lunch time. And when I dropped my Dad's lunch meal I got wet because of the weather that unfriendly. *huh! I'm glad that i don't need to go to my campus. Tomorrow will be my hardest day if the weather still like this day.

Something that I've been waiting for this week: i will meet my middle school's friend (still on progress), accompany my cousin to get the new lens and he will give me a lesson how to use slr in a right way. I can't wait!!But for the last 3 days i must study for my next week exam. Godspeed me as always :)

My lunch menu for this day: my lunch box full of mussels.yay! It so yummy, you must try it. But please don't eat too much, all seafoods are so yummy but don't forget that they have a high number of cholestrol, so watch out what you eat! Do you want some?Visit my home and i will ask my house keeper to make this as your lunch meal,lol.

What I Wore:

Black-white strippes top: thrifted; dry grey jeans: cheap monday; holy bracelet from my buddy; fossil watch; f21 earrings; black postman bag:topshop ;black fli-flops:ando.


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