January 21, 2010
This is my lazy day because i woke up late and the rain was falling down. That's why i woke up late because of that crap weather. Yeah!Life's hard! But I'm glad I can went to campus this day with my Mom, so I don't need to drive a car by myself beside that there is 3in1 rules. So i thought this day I will give a presentation for business ethics subject but I was wrong, my turn will be after my mid exam, yay! Btw I just saw my mid exam schedule and it was creappy because i have 3 exams in the same day. UUUHhhh this time i must pass 3 of this subjects!I know I can do it :) *just cheer up myslef.

Activies for today: Attended my three classes and all my classes uber cool. Specially my last class, i really enjoy it. I had a lunch with my friend and my sin for today that I was picked unhealthy food for my lunch and dinner. In this case i eat too much fried foods today, It doens't matter if i eat those unhealthy food on weekend but today still weekdays. So tomorrow i must do some exercise to get healthy and great body.yeaahhh!

Purchasing for today: Looks magazine and thejakartaglobe newspaper. I just know that thejakartaglobe newspaper give a special price for a college students, it will cost you only 3,000 rupiahs. I don't really understand when i read this new paper, but I'm trying to because i want to improve my english. I hope this is worth it :) The headline news talked about Susno Duadji and I already knew about it because yesterday i saw it on my local tv station.

Tomorrow will be my free day and i can't wait. But starting from tomorrow i must concern about my school so i think tomorrow will be my perfect time to learn about accounting management for From my outfit today you will see that i still getting crazy about stripes top and I'm so happy that i have the same stripes top as Alexa Chung and i will post the picture later fellas. Have a nice day, eat healthy food, and have a great life :)

What I Wore:

dark blue-white stripes top:trifted; narrow tight cheap monday jeans; holy bracelet; f21 earrings; fossil watch; eastpak floral sling bag; unbranded black map; pinkish flats by wondershoe



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