January 23, 2010
Morning guys..Yesterday i was too tired to post about what happened in my life. So today will be a great day to tell the story. Yesterday was my free day, no campus activies on that day. Something that really made my day that i have a spirit to open my book, yeah finally! On lunch time i met my Dad and dropped his lunch meal after that i went back home and prepared my self to go to my caousin's engagement day. I don't have any idea to wear something that makes me look mature so I picked this white loose bat wings top and a sarong, all those stuffs belongs to my Mom.

Yesterday i had two difference outfits. The first one, i wore my fave tee that has been lost and i found it back, yay!It's original merchandise from the sigit. I really like this band even i never heard their name anymore. Where are you guys? Second outfit is what i wore to my cousin's engagement day, and i was happy when i heard some of my relatives told me that this outfit very cute and asked me where i've got those cute stuffs :)

*back side>>you will see the clove doper's lyric

What I Wore:

white tee from the s.i.g.i.t orginal merchandise, grey shawl by cotton.ink, dry grey jeans by cheapmonday, holy bracelet, fossil watch, black bag from topshop, f21 earrings and black slippers by what.wear.daily

I was so happy to look at my brother in that church. He seems happy to have a huge day like that. And his parent's face looked very happy. So many people came there, and it was shocked me at the beggining. Last words: Congrats to both of you, I can see your wedding day but i will sent my praying for your life to be happily ever after. Oh and yesterday the rain still falling down at the morning until after lunch time. I hate that because i must wash my car even i didn't use it for myself.*sighh :(

What I Wore:

front-back side: white bat wings floral top and a sarong belong to my Mom, Pearl bracelet is a gift from my auntie, Nude snakeskin bag from Ciciero, f21 earrings, Nude shoes by Charles&Keith.


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  1. oh my goodness! the gray shawl is gorgeous! i want it.

  2. Thank you :)
    you can check it at:http://cottonink.blogspot.com/

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