January 24, 2010
This weekend is the best weekend in 2010. On Saturday, i moved my schedule to morning session so i do a lot stuffs started by early morn. I had appoinment with my cousin to accompany him to buy a new lens for his slr, then he promised me to teach me how to get a great picture with slr even i don't have it. I think it was easy but when he teached me I know that it was not easy! If you are a professional before you catch the great picture you must think many aspect that will make that a great picture. The professionals never do much with photoshop things and I just love what they've got. My cousin showed me his teacher's picture and he said that his teacher is one of the best photographer in Indonesia better that Darwis Triadi!What?You will believe me if you see his picture.

After that I moved to JCC, there was a big exhibition about entrepreneurial by Mandiri Bank. It was fun because you can get inspiration from them that already succed in this field like the owner of 'Kebab Turki' I read their profile and you know what?The capital only a view million rupiahs but their profil for last year (2009) almost 5 billion rupiahs and now they have 200 outlets spread on all over Indonesia, so inspiring rite? My Mom push me to go here maybe I can get inspiration from this entrepreneurs. Thanks Mom, I've got some reviews from them.

I spent the night just stayed home and study!yeah! This is the first time in my life passed my saturday night by sitting in my chair and make my calculator as my bestfriend!My Mom told me "No pain No gain" so because my result in this year to get new degree so i must do it! I'm a fraid for my exam this Thursday. Wish me luck :)

On Sunday: The happiest day in a week because by next week my Dad will be going home!Yay! And today I will going to Grand Lucky after a year maybe. This is my fave grocery store, hmm..maybe not only me but for the whole family members. Long time ago before my Dad sick, me and family love to go here after the church servise. Must try on!! a super duper yummy pizza and if you love soft drink you can refil as long as you like. Btw I met Athe's Mom, I asked for her daughter but She said that Athe was at home for study, seems like Athe will face an exam just like me.

At noon me and my Mom searched some stuffs for my Dad because he will going home by next week so We must prepare what he needs. Then we moved to PIM, yay!there is so many sale store!I can resist it,lol. But I only helped my Mom to pick a dress for my little cousin. I just realized that baby stuffs are expensive!Oh please the tiny size but the price really high. I dropped at bookstore but not to buy a book but some new stationaries for my pencil case since I will face my exam this Thursday so everything must be well prepared.

What I Wore:

Three block maxy dress by what.wear.daily; Trifted military bralzer; studded earrings (it's a gift from my bestfriend); casio watch; Grey pumps by calliope; Studded grey clutch by Kochi.


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