December 4, 2009
I had a class in the early morn and still sleepy until now.And i had a quiz too!
I'm totally wrong about my answer, oh damn! But it was done,I hope i will do it better when I face my exam. After that class I met my senior to learn about my subject called accounting management, I don't know why when I face the question it makes me blank, and I hate that. But since my exam will be come up next week so I must learn all those freaky things,lol.

After that I moved to my fave store to see one dress that I love to buy. It fits me well and I bought it. I thought i will wear it this Sunday to my cousin's party but I don't think so because it looks too edgy and i think the color is too dark to wear it in the morning.Hmm.. I need to take a look my Mom's closet maybe I will find another cute outfit to wear it this Sunday to My Cousin's party.

The rest of my day, I just sleep at home and I will meet my teacher this noon. I can't wait for tomorrow because My auntie was here and We will meet by tomorrow! We will have a great time by shopping together. Oh my this will be a greatful time before I face my exam. Oh and for this day I really enjoy the traffic jam in my town because I don't need to drive by my self. I took a bus for every single place that I've visited. It's nice to see many people, it makes me feel the real life even I don't really ready to face it. Maybe someday, even I'm ready or not i will take all the opportunities. Now I'm still learning and prepare my self until that day.

Oh, I've learned something from yesterday. That sometimes you thought or maybe have a faith with something or maybe just imagine about something that impossible. But then, it only take a few seconds and TADAA! it happened to you! It was awful and when It comes you don't know how to say or how to act,lol. But when it's already passed away than the next day you will put a smile on your face when you remember about it again and again.

Have a nice weekend all ;D

What I Wore:

White shirt by esprit, Blue narrow tight jeans by Cheap Mon,f21 earrings, holy bracelet, casio watch, handmade necklace by amythevintagist, yellow jelly shoes and Cotton bag from Insight.



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