December 6, 2009
Happy Sunday all.Today was complicated for me. It's too hetic and so many problems i've been faced.And it looked like all the people around me got angry include my self.It's like I want to step out from this field. Fly away just like a bird.This is not my new year solution but this is the new way to close this year.I felt more stupid than before if I've got stuf with this all useless things.

I've tried to open my mind, break the circle around me.That's my goal and I must realization it before end of this year.Still trying to focus on my exam. Study hard is the hard way to do when you have a lot of things to carry on.I went to church by this morning and then moved to my auntie's house.I really sick with people at that time. I was glad to meet my auntie because she told me to show my smile. oh my lovely auntie you are so cool. I love you. You made my day ;D

I've doing nothing there but I really happy when I met my relatives. They look happy to see each otherAnd it was made me feel the same way too.But sill hard to keep a balance with you emotion, when I've got home and think about it again I feel up.All i need is the new place when there is only me and people who don;t give me trouble or problems.

So many idea in my head right now and I want to make it real. Somebody told me that December is the lovely month so I'm happy to do my project. Oh and I can't wait to see my tailor. I made some dress and love to see the result,hihihi

By the way, I went to Kelapa Gading on last Sunday. I never been there before since that place quite far from my house. But It was great to see people on that mall wore unpredictable outfit just like me,lol. And yup Chistmas has came there! And i felt happy when I was there. I took some picture when I was there with my cousin. We had some fun, yay!Actually I never do that crazy things in the mall, like took a pic with a giant doll, or took a photo in the event that full of children but I did, maybe it's because a pressure that I felt on that day.

This day my cousin went to India for work. I wish you my best luck,lol. Hope you like it there and don't forget to bring something when you come back home,lol. Oh if you read this please don't forget to text me if you have enough time to chat ;D


What I Wore:

.Black top by trf, Vintage Black Blazer, D'BUTE's flower skirt, unbranded tights, Own earrings, Casio wach, pearls bracelet belongs to my Mom,Ashley bag by Ciciero and Black Platform by MNG,.


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