December 6, 2009
I had a class on Saturday. I came to my campus searched all the materials for my final exam and I've got in a long queue. Then my second class has been canceled!It's always like that, i hate that lecture! Then I went home, when i was on my way the rain was falling down and I felt blue but when I was near at my home, the sky was brighter than before.

In that day I accompanied my Mom and my auntie to one place called Mangga Dua. I had a fun time there because I found some cute things. And when I arrived there, I found my church's friend. So many people there, maybe they want to buy the Christmas tree or even the Christmas dresses,lol.

I felt like a common girl because I wore pinkish outfit. I don't know why, but on that day I was late and I just put anything that I saw first on my wardrobe. I don't wear any glasses but for this picture I wore it because to look match with the others pinkish stuffs ;D

Then I dropped my auntie in Bangka (another auntie's house), and I stayed there for a while because the trip from Mangga Dua until Bangka spent 3 hours and I felt tired. But I met my cousin, yay!I love that time and I shared about someone that I like (I can't mention about it here,lol) and he laugh when I told him all the story,huh!

What I Wore:

.Vintage shirt, Blue narrow tight jeans by Cheap Mon,f21 earrings, hello kitty watch,vintage glasses, holy bracelet, pinkish shoes by wondershoe, pinkish tote bag belongs to my Mom.


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