December 19, 2009

Sometimes your day will be a great day but sometimes it was not good enough for you
I believe in something that people said 'destiny'
You can't predict about it but when it comes to you
even that's wrong but when you thinking about it again
It's the perfect things and you will be glad it happen to you

People have their own way to see a problem
sometimes they look from their side
sometimes they didn't realize that their ego come up
we lived together from the beginning till the end
so trying to mingle with anyone else is the perfect way
but when you do this just remember
that people have feelings
so trying to be nice is the best way
as long as it doesn't look FAKE!

Because of this cause involve something that we called 'nerdy people'
or 'famous people'
nothing going wrong with both of them
something wrong is with us
the person who's judging them like that
I believe that God create every people in a very unique way
so each people have a different character
that's why you can feel something called 'love'
you will search someone that has a different thought than you
that's why i called that human is a unique creature

But I can't feel it now
People around me look busy
The World look busy too
They thinking too much and spent time in something that i called 'boredom'
No one enjoy their life, they work, their love
because each person in hurry to get the top of the class
can I say that "is this because of the green stuffs?" I mean money

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