December 28, 2009
Okay, yesterday I went to church fot the church service. Nothing special on that day except that a view people from the church visited my Dad on the hospital. I was so sad because they are really care about my Dad. My mom and my Dad cried because of their willingness. So my Dad's room was full of people. It's like a big party in that room, everybody was yelling, talking and laughing while another patient on their bed rest. But I was happy because this simple things can make my Dad has a new spirit to his recovery. Thank you for all of you who's came.

I called Lazy Sunday because yesterday I slept all the time, I wnet home earlier than my brother. But when I arrieved at home, what I've done?I cleaned up my room,yeah! And I make this thing up. I have a lot of picture on my secret box and I don't have enough time to sticking it on my wall so this is the right time and I make it real!Finally!fiuhh!

So this is the picture, before and after. Thank you for the Christmas cards fellows :)
And for all my friends, I just wanna say "Thanks a lot and I love you so much!!"
Message for the people who must go to work on this day: "Keep rockin!Tomorrow will be your last day of work for this year"

Two days latter will be our new day!
I'm excited about it and this is the perfect time to make a list. What should we do for the next year? Make it from now or you will not enough time for it, lol

Plans for today: I'm going to meet my bestfriends and have a lunch together. For noon maybe I will do to Christmas celebration by HKBP Menteng. I'm still not sure about that but Godspeed me :D





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