December 26, 2009
In personal, I would like to say:

It'shard to believe that Christmas was coming this soon. I feel happy about it. Hmm.. maybe not really because my Dad sill in the hospital. He can't go home this Christmas, but I hope as soon as possible he can go back. really excited about this day, since I prepared very well about anything that I would like to give to people around me. Not all but a view people, since I don't have enough money to give Christmas present to all my friend. But I gave them my special Christmas card. Fyi, I made those Christmas card by my self since the end of November. Maybe i's not an expensive one but I made it by my self that's the different :)

I will post the picture later about my Christmas gift. Owh and the happiest moment on that day because I went to church with my brother and we had the same clothes, I mean we wore the same grey outfit. Yay!Take a look the picture below. This dress really tight on me but my helpmate told me that I looked so skinny,lol. So since the famous Gaga make this trend I post this with "Lady Gaga and her new BF"hahaha

Have a great weekend everyone : )

What We Wore: (night)

We are the brother and sister from Butars family.
Me: Retail Therapy Shoulder Pad Dark Grey Dress, Studded Belt, Studded bag from Kochi, Studded Earrings from Gaya, Casio gold watch, Unbranded headband, Grey heels from Caliope (bought this with my best pal)
Brother: Forget the brand of his Grey shirt, Cheap Mon jeans, Black belt, Casio Watch, Sperry flats.

Another picture on the church with Gaya. This picture taken by my cousin. Thanks a lot Bro :)



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