December 31, 2009
Tuesday, Dec 29th 2009..

This is my late post just like usual : )
What I've got at this day? Black-White mini skirt. I bought it from online store. It's a nice fabric and very comfy when i wore it. I will post the pic after this post. So many things happened on this day.

First..This is the happiest day of this week because finally I met my campus friends. I had a lot of fun with them. I spoke too loud in our meeting place, I don't care because I was too excited, lol. I gave them my christmas gifts that already I wraped it well. We had lunch together and took some silly photoshoot. I didn't bring any camera at that day so we took our pic with my friend's camera. I hope she will upload it soon so I can move it to this blog : )

Second..I spent my noon at hospital. Had a talk with my Dad and my brother but not too serious
Third.. I moved from the hospital to my church. I had a meeting with another member. Someone just had a new relationship and He treat us a dinner for the whole members!Yay!Thank you so much!!I don't know why but for some people eating kfc really a big pleasure,lol. They looked excited and put a big smile when they got a meal. Check out the picture below : )

What I Wore:

unbranded stripes t-shirt, black kulot by tailor, black diamond earrings, fossil watch, holy bracelet from my pal, grey studded bag by kochi and black shaolin flats.


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