December 23, 2009
Yup!This is it!The day that has been my nightmare,lol. It's a very special day but this day make my heart want to blow up! I went to the church in early morning although I felt so tired but I need to drop my Mom and accompanied her. So I pick this blue ciffon dress, actually it's a gift from my Mom. Believe it or not, I have a different taste about clothes. I never feel match with my Mom's taste when she bought me something specially a fashion item. But this one, I admit it that this dress fit me well :)

After that I accompany her to meet my auntie and we went shopping together, but not me only them because I don't have any money anymore,lol. After mother-daughter time, My Mom accompany me to the beauty shop to make my hair flawless. I went home and prepared all the stuffs that I need to bring to the church and then I leave my house.

After the last rehearsal, I changed my clothes to be a white dress just like the theme code:"White Chistmas all about" so everybodies wore white dress. Oh and I need to go to face the audience and read aloud about church news, yeahh! I was excited but my hand was cold,huhuhu.
After the chuch service was finished then we had a last meeting. This is the perfect time when people want to say somethings specially tons of thanks. Came home with my brother and He drove me home. Such a beautiful day and I love you a lot my borther : )

What I Wore:(Day)

Blue ciffon dress is a gift from my Mom, unbranded dark blue tights, f21 earrings, pearl bracelet from auitie, casio watch, Snake Skin bag from Ciciero and Nude shoes from Charles&Keith.

Me and My lovely Mom :)


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