November 9, 2009
Do am I the new God?LOL.
Because I can predict the future, maybe only yesterday. Yup on the early morn when I was on my way to RSPP with my Mom. She discuss about I came home late. I said that I've replied her text message. But She said that I can't do that anymore! She said that I must come home earlier when I go out.Sighhhh!Life isn't fair! So we had a long morning fight till in RSPP. She told to my daddy but my Dad know where I've been, he just stay cool when heard that. But i don't know even I went to the church every thusrday night, he doesn't like if i came home late. Hmm.. I can agree that He told me it's not to good fr a girl and he concer about my bed time. What a nice daddy. I love you Dad, can't wait to see you at home and have a dinner together as always ;D

Then we went to the church for the church service. This is the day I've been waiting for my long week because I will see someone that I liked to see,LOL. I passed him but i didn't realize,LOL. Why oh why I always act stupid in every single day x(
But I felt sad because I was lost my cupcakes earrings. That stuffs mean so much to me. I can't put even a little smile on my face and had a sleepy head all day long x(

I went to book fair with Nancy, quite fun but The traffic was %$#@. I forgot to take any picture together x(
What I've got there?Just a cute purple notebook and Miiko (it's a comic) xP

What I Wore:
Preppy brownie dress, Brownie tights, Custom oxford shoes by Gin&Tonic, Camel bag from Clementine Collection, holly bracelet from Illy, Casion Watch and F21earrings.



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  2. O.L.I.V.E says:

    sama Saidi orang dapur greja pas mw ketoilet,wakakakak.
    Ah lo juga udah tau kan?
    Yang ngasih tau gw kan lo Wan,hehehe
    *Ni Wanda kan?Kasih nama kenapa Wan?hehehe

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