November 13, 2009
This will be another long post so keep riding,LOL.
What I've been done for yesterday?

It's not really my lucky day just like another days before. First I don't know why I still woke up at 04.00am every morning even I felt so tired just like last night. Then I must washed my car since it has been raining from 2 days ago. I hate rainy season because my clothes got wet, my shoes got wet too and my face getting worse x(

Second, I went to hospital to meet my father when i was on my way I've got trouble. My car was moved back at steep climb near kemang's area. And a car behind me blow the horn. Okay I was panic at that time. I never in the situation when another car blow their torn because my car was move back since I was really a nice driver and expert in using hand brake. When i pulled the hand brake it didn't work well, but finally I can passed it and go ahead,LOL.

Third, When I want to go to campus the rain was came. I'm glad that I found an umbrella on my bag. When I was arrived at my campus and met Illy, I'm so pleased that there is only two of us so we can have our quality time to talk about anything, sharing about our life, problems and gave some advise. Then moved to canteen and i felt sleepy, I had slept there abot 10 minutes,hahaha.
Fourth, I went my class and shocked when I found there is no chair on the back. So i sit in front of my lecture, sigghhh x(

Still lucky when my friend was come and sit next to me because I was afraid with my lecture,LOL.Specially when he asked something to me,LOL.
Fifth, At noon I went to hospital, took a bath, changed my outfit and have a dinner with my father. After that moved to my church for rehearsals, but nobody came yet!Then I want to attend youth church service but the minister said it's been canceled!Whaaattt?It's useless!!If i know it from the beginning, i will go home earlier, have a sleep or wathing dvd. I felt really sleppy man!

And then since I had a bad relationship with one of my best buddy so I want to talk with her but what I've got?It was a little surprise.hmm..what a day, even it's a little bit strange (no offense girl, i just want to share what i've been thought). She told me that what she's done for last 2 weeks was fake, it's just an act. What?It's unbelievable.I was so real!All those tears, those message, those expression.How can she did those act?

Nice Gifts, thanks a lot darla ;D

But I say thanks for the present. I really appreciate that. I like the book that you gave to me. It's so meaningful for me since I have a passion on it and trying to learn how to draw. And for those markers. I like it too!since it's a nice stuffs to support my creativity,LOL.But can't you see the sign?It 6+ means for 6 years child or more.I'm far far away from 6 yeras old darla.

But seriously, we still need to talk. It's not about this little surprise but ut's about us. Friends never talked behind. It's too many question about it in my head and it's like a time mechine that will blowing up anytime. I hope you don't mind to hear what I've been thinking lately. It's really hard to believe, please no offense.

I've learned something this day:
"If you have a plan just go for it and take it slow, because if you put too much excitement on it then you will disappointed at the end when those plans didn't work well. Don't hoping too much in something, just relax and God will show you how to pass it"
So many surprise on this day, I can't even slept well. Too many question mark on my head x(

PS:I will pray for Yana's happiness! You go girl,LOL


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