October 2, 2009
Once upon a time there is a young girl. She lives in the south of the town. One day she stated her day with a big smile. She attend her class and then take a private lesseon for her mid exam. She also be a committee for the camping event on her collage. After she was finished her private lesson she met her friend for girls talk. After that she attend the camping’s meeting. The meeting was not finished yet bet she moved to the hospital for took care of her father. What she’s done there?
She just be a capster who’s washed her father’s hair. Then she went home with a bus, when she was on her way it was raining, she forgot to bring an umbrela. She’s got wet and crush the fload on the road. She took another bus to continue her way. The bus driver saw that the way in front of us so crowded so he took a free way and yup he didn’t out from that free way so he dropped me on the side of that free way. Still raining and this young girl keep walking straight a head about 1km then she searched a cab but she didn’t find it, so she took “angkot” that is a public transportation with a small rute and it’s a city car i mean mini bus.Still raining too so it’s only 1 way again to get home. She took another “angkot” after that she must take a walk until she’s got home bout 500 meters again. She’s got home with braids hair that look wet and not perfect anymore, watch, bracelet, earrings, jeans, top, biker jacket even her bag are wet!But she felt not really angry, maybe she thought that God’s help her to face this reality.
Curious about this girl?
Yup, she was me!This is what happened to me for this day. And the last one, because this rainy things I can’t attend my english class because i really wet and it’s too late x(
Hmm..Somebody always told us to bring an umbrella before the rain is coming. I think we must keep that quote in our mind everytime specially in this day.

Ooh..Package of the day!! Actually i don’t know is it package of the day or it came yesterday. But i saw it this afternoon. I can guess it that it was 2 gloves with black and white color that i order last week. I opened it and my guess was true ;D
Cant wait to do some mix and match outfit with those gloves specially that i can use them for my online shop “What.Wear.Daily” photo shoot ;D

What I Wore?

White top by YSL, Fadded jeans, Yellow Jelly Shoes, Mustard bag by korean’s pre-order, Diva earrings, Guess watch, Holy bracelets by my bestfriend, Choco Biker Jacket.


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