October 1, 2009
After one nights I stayed at the hospital, finally i'm back!Feel great when i can sleep at my lovely bed again ;D
And more happy when i found a little yellow package on my desk.My yellow jelly shoes arrived yesterday. Actually i bought it because i want to look at the real shoes before i put those shoes in my online store and oh my gosh that shoes are comfortable and very stylish, it will look goon on everyone's feets. At the beginning i want to sell it
but when i've got those shoes, i think i will buy it just for me and order it again for the online store,hehehe

Then when i accompanied my friend and i was searching cool stuffs for the next session for my online store. I found this studdes dress. Very stunning when you put it on your body. I bought it for my self than i was thingsking why i don't buy it for my store?
hahaha..Gothca i bought it 3 pieces, anyone? Just email me if you interesting with this dress. stock only 2 pieces left and it's all size.

I will post another picture to mix and match this dress. I can't wait it, i'm too excited ;D
Today's job: Searching someone that have a willing to open a small stand for bazaar at Atmajaya University then
I'm still be a hunter for hunting those cool stuffs for my online store. Keep in touch darlaa



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