October 28, 2009

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What I feel?
only when i met you

That you will pretend that you don't know me at all.
Yup, we never be acquainted in a proper way before.
At least I know you know that I'm exist.

I always want to say hi.
But it's too hard to do and it makes me sweaty.

We don't stay on the same cube.
It's the rare time to meet you, but i never used it for do the best.
So, I'm happy every time I saw you.
Every time you came first is the best angle without make me look silly.

I like you a lil bit, and have a will to know you.
You sounds funny but I don't know how to start it.
It makes me excited and speechless at the same time.

That's what i feel all the time.
I feel like a lovely bird that always singing a love song.
tweeting your name,LOL.
I feel like there is spring here, even we don't have yet that season.

I hope..I wish..I can have a time to talk, to laugh with a nice person like you (It's an opinion from the people around you)..

*Sorry if it sound silly, but this is true. All of this are my feelings. It's great time to be falling love.
All people said to keep it and fight for it. Then, maybe I will xP



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