October 14, 2009
This is supposed to be my Sunday’s post but I don’t have enough time to post it.
Last Sunday was a special day for me. Why?Because I had a mission, but i can’t do it. Somebody called me a chicken because of that,LOL.
I likes someone. I don’t exactly who is he. But when i saw him, i felt butterfly in my stomach,LOL. Anyway, I like how i put my studded jacket with this floral maxi dress. Even the material of this dress not so well, i bought it from someone that made it by her self. Since I felt not really comfortable to wear any heels so i put a pair of flats. And the pinky bag actually it’s organized bag, but sometimes we can called it bag in bag because you can put this organized bag in your hand bag to make all your stuffs well organized. On Sunday I didn’t go to hospital because my father said to me and my brother to stay at home studied for our mid exam. And after the church activities we went to supermarket to buy some grocery. It was fun ;D
Since my father stayed at the hospital I never went to supermarket anyomore, i mean together with my mom, my lil brother and my dad.
At noon, i dropped my mom to the hospital and went to the chucrh again to see my friend’s performance on my church. I was invited them. They totaly rocks. I love their performance. But I came late so my friend a lil bit sad,LOL. After that we went to Barito for dinner with a famous porridge there, the bowl not too big but when you eat that you will feel really full xP

What I Wore:

Handmade floral maxi dress; White studded cropped jacket by pre-order from Korean Stuffs; White Oxford Shoes by Petitecupcakes; Earrings by Diva; Holy bracelet from Illy; Orange watch and Pinky bag handmade by Bag Producer



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2 sveet comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oooo, jadi yg sumringah itu lo ya bukan Gayatri? Hahahha
    *btw, who is he?

  2. O.L.I.V.E says:

    Hahahaha..Ini Wanda yaa?
    Gw sama Gaya kok ;D
    I will tell you rite on your face when we are meet,hehehehe
    *Gak sabar nunggu sabtu depan ni. Lo ikut kan Wan?

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