September 20, 2009
Late Post.
What i’ve been done yesterday?Here’s the recap.
In the early morn I went to Pertamina hospital to meet my father as usual. Then I went to Aquarius Mahakam (Music Store in my town). I was searching the cd car cassette adaptor but I could found it there. I have it but it was gone. So I moved to PIM for searched the same item. Then I found it at Disctarra and it’s so cheap! You know that I love the cheap things but what i want is in the great quality,hahaha.LOL.
I bought the new cd of Maliq and The Essential too. I think it’s so expensive only for local mucisian with mini album like that and only contains about 6 songs, but when I opened it, I amazed with the cover. It’s so beautiful and creative, now I agree that I pay more for that cover design.Oh, and when i was in the hospital sudenlly my jeans got ripped, i don’t know why but it looks cool than before.LOL
After that I moved again to Gramedia (bookstore in my town), I want to get more organize by bought some binder, the small one for the shipping receipt (need it for my online store) and the others for a lot of copies that I had for many subject at my collage, the black pencil case, the shocking pink poket, also ‘sale’ sign for my online store too.

Because my room was messy, I took a little time to make it looks little propper so this is the progress, still need more hands to make it looks nice again ;D

What I Wore?

White singlet, Red Stripes Shirt belongs to my brother, Ripped jeans made by accident, Diva’s earringsCasio Vintage Watch, Unbranded bracelets, Scarf Collection by Me’s lace headband, Clementine by Mimsy’s Bag, and Wondershoe’s Pinkish Flats.



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