September 26, 2009

Somoeone told me to think outside the box. It was hard to do at the beginning but now I'm trying to do it. This is the real situation that happen yesterday. I attend my International Taxes class and my lecture said something that not common, i mean I can't understand that she thought about that. First impression of her it must be arrogant and proud to be her self, you can imagine people that have those personality,rite?
Then She said "Some one asked me that I must be sent my daughter to another country for continue her school" but she said to the whole class that for strata 1, it will be better when we get it from local university which mean here in Indonesia. Why?She told as that for profession they need from local alumnus. So it doesn't matter when you continue your study to strata 2 (master) outside this country.
Even you've got professor title but your strata 1 not from local university, you must take another strata 1 title from local university (maybe not the best one). Hmm, i thought there is not even one things that can be proud as Indonesian people of things. I never said that graduates from outside country university was not good but for profession they need the local one. And since it was to hard to find a job in this town, they never take a look are you from local or foreign university. It was same, they just check your gpa and your perform when you work in their company.
Now i really want to finish my school, at lease i don't need to memorize those theories and I can do anything that i want ;D
Oh for the bag above it made from wood, if you interesting with that bag just email me(find it on my side bar).



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