September 26, 2009
It has been almost a week that i never post anything to this blog.I don't have enough time to post something. In my town there is traditional actually it's a little bit related to one religion that they called "mudik". It was people who comes back to their hometown or their village to meet their relatives and meet their parents to show their respect to them. So my house keeper and my driver left my home to go back to their hometown. When they left, i must do all their works from opened the window, fed all my pets, washed my dishes, swept all floors and more almost everyday! What a full job. Then I must visited my dad and took care of him, for this job i really like it. This is the only one that I can do to support my daddy so he felt happy and it will make a progress for his health. What is the meaning of this picture below? It was my breakfast: fried rice mixed with an egg and 2 pieces of fried chicken. Made it by my self ;D
I'm glad that one of my house keeper was came back yesterday, even she looks a little bit sick. I will help her, maybe just only washed my dishes but i know it means to her.My driver will be back here tomorrow, I'm excited about that!Please Mr. Miswan get back here as soon as possible, many things to do here.



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