September 3, 2009
Hellow there!
Yesterday was the incredible day for me. Why?After I was doing my job for taking care of my father in the hospital I went to my campus for drop a copy of my audit's book for my friend, after that I met Aya and we went to Grand Indonesia for watching a movie but when we arrived at Blitz we saw that The first show would be played at 02.40 pm so we just sightseeing and found this cheap, cute and lovely button earrings at forever 21. By this time I really need to be picky, why?Because I want to be a smart shopper who always buy the tings that I will need or at least I really like it and want to wear it more than once.

*This what I've got 3 little button earrings

Then we moved to Senayan City (maybe you can call us the trully mall's girl.LOL). We had check the schedule of The Proposal (because I really want to watch it even everybody's already watched that movie) but they played it at noon too. So we just doin little chit-chat at Sushi Tei and walking around, after that we played Time Crisis at cinema. We spent almost 50,000 rupiahs just only for that game!What an addicted things x(

When we want to go back home, suddenly I met my old friend named Astrid. She's my friend from elementry school and she invited me to a small reunion this Saturday. When we talked about it, suddenly i felt dizzy and everybodies panic, they said "Oh my, this is an earthquake!" They screamed and running to the elevator. I said to my friend Aya that we must used the emergency stairs but she didn't listen to me because she already panic. We went out from that building and went home by taxi.
At night after my english class (yes to improve my english I just enter an english class, I don't care if i stayed with students from High School because I realized that this language is the important things to learn), I checked the schedule of The Proposal at Pejaten Village's Cinema and watched that movie by myself. The movie finished at 11.00 pm, then I went back at home. On my way there is an accident, One of the Taxi was hitting the free way's fences and that makes the traffic jam!Huh at 11 o'clock I still faced with this things?This is trully the city that never sleep!
I'm glad when I found my driver still woke up and open the door for me. Your the best man, also my servant who still woke up to for asked my needs. Thanks God for giving them as my partner at my house ;D



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2 sveet comments

  1. evelynpy says:

    sayang disini ga ada f21...hua...pengen yang pink

  2. Emang lagi nyari button earrings ni Lyn ;D
    Itu sepaket emang dapet 3,hehehe.Lagi sale cuman 89rb lo ;D

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