August 1, 2009
Yesterday, I went to Kesia's sister wedding day. Kesia is my friend when i was in high school in SMUN 6 Jakarta. When I was there I also met my high school's friends like Daniel, Laili and Ajeng. We took some picture together and really enjoy our small reunion. So many people there, because of that i didn't feel the air conditioner. But I feel happy met all those people. I wish Kesia's sister named Lydia will happy with her marriage, get a lot of children and happily ever after ;)

On the Crowd.

Ajeng, Me, Daniel and Laily. The SMUN 6's Gang. LOL

Happy-Go-Lucky :D

Me with Kesia. She's so gorgeous!She's skinnier than longtime ago. I'm so jealous xP

What I Wore:
Traditional items for this event like Kebaya from Mama&Leon, Long skirt and Obi belongs to my Mom, Vintage Purse, Gold Pearl Earrings belongs to my Mom, Vintage Brooches, Casio Gold Watch and Nine West Chunky Heels



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6 sveet comments

  1. nookie says:

    love your traditional outfit!great skirt.

  2. Olive anak 6 angkatan tahun brapa?

  3. @Nookie:Thank you :D
    Because all of this tranditional stuffs, I feel proud about my country and never forget to develop it to young generation ^_^

    @Selly:Iya, ak anak 6 tamat 2002,hehehe. Km anak 6 juga Sel?angkatan brapa?

  4. ank 2005 lulus 2008.. waahh.. gak nyangka ktemu alumni d blogger... hehehe.. :))

  5. Ahhh ya ampun, gak nyangka ketemu anak 6 juga :D
    Sayang ak hengkang dr 6 km masuk ya Sel,hehehe

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