August 11, 2009

Cool Hat, Amazing Necklace (stt.. it's like Nikicio's stuffs, rite?) and Nude Oxford from Forever 21. She's got a style, that's why we love her, rite?

source from:JACK&JILL's blog.



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5 sveet comments

  1. She really mixes it all and don't afraid of is taking risks! She really does!

  2. vicen says:

    Find your inspiration on this blog, which gather the most successful styles, send us your look, and be part of Look 10.

  3. @Kira:She's inspired everyone. Have you seen her blog?
    @Vicen:Thank you for coming to my blog ;D

  4. wow, I love that scarf!

  5. @Olya:Actually that's not a scarf, it's necklace darla ;D

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