July 19, 2009
It's been a crazy day!
The first thing is because today is my father's birthday. And then my father was angry with me because I was late when we went to the church by this morning.
The second thing is because today is a family gathering to celebrate my father's birthday and so many cousin came here and i must played with them.
The last one because I'm happy that my online shop now running and still thinking the next collections, too many ideas for the next collections :D
Because the concept of my online store was adorable style with affordable price, i must consider about the price and the material of my collections, i hope for the next term i can release my own design, still searching the materials and the great tailor to make my design. Wish me luck dear :D
I will introduce my online shop when it's ready.
Wore all this black-white things by this morn to the church.

What i wore:

black-white vintage blouse by finger.print's collections; Black chiffon shorts by tailor made fro finger.prints's collections; Black tights unbranded; Grey belt by charles&keith; Earrings by F21; Watch by Casio and Black shoes from MNG.



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4 sveet comments

  1. drollgirl says:

    i love this outfit, and you look fabulous in it!

  2. Jessica says:

    ahahaha ak jg lagi mau bikin ol shop, masih ngomong sama nyokap,hahaha,, blom tau jadi ngak. =)
    btw, you looking sooo gorgeous with that polkadot outfit! =)

  3. Semangat ya bikin ol shopnya :D
    Paling gampang sih jualan baju-baju vintage dulu soalnya modalnya kecil, baru deh ntar bikin yang tailor made. Yang penting tekun aja, sama kalo bisa modalnya dari uang saku sendiri, kalo minta nyokap ntar kurang kerasa kerja kerasnya,hehehe.
    Thank you darlaa :D

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