July 15, 2009
Two of my loveable guys Dennis Robles and Pascal Grob
Both of them love to wear glasses and have a diferent style. Dennis love colorful outfit and Pascal look more gloomy in dark color. Denis comes from Manille and Pascal comes from Zurich. Check out ther blazers and you will amazed with their outfit!
Pascal: I love his shoes collections, like his loafer or his keds. I love how he wore his pants with or without a belt and his hats look amazing!
Dennis:I love when he wore a bow tie, his amazing collections of blazer (check out her gray school look alike blazer! It looks like Blair's) and his amazing bag!That mostly comes from hermes!And his oxford shoes!Oh my, I never seen man oxford shoes like that!And it makes me jealous!I will make it the same one,hahaha.LOL
Enjoy your browsing time and don't forget to check their outfits!They are stylist

Owh and this is a different between this two words, it looks similar but different!
Stylish means "fashionable" and it's an adjective
Stylist means a person who achieves a good literary style and it's a noun (This is like what Rachel Zoe's do as we know she ever worked as Nicole Madden's stylist rite?)



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2 sveet comments

  1. Wina says:

    lol some fashionable geeks they r!

  2. They are not really cute, but i love their style :D

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