June 22, 2009
Last sa nite was my lovely day, still hetic as ussual. By this morn I had a class at 10am and then I must going to the mall next my campus to buy a blazer for my Choir’s conductor . And they I went to my church for make sure that everythings going well and think about our dinner menu. And then my mom text me and said that i must arrived at my brother’s school to pick her up at 5pm, even i have so many list to do about the choir competition. After that I arrive just in time on my brother’s school and you know what?The event finished at 8pm. Uhhh!I can’t say any words because it makes me angry. If my mom told me that this event will finished at night i just still have a time to do my job for my church’s choir. Oh no!!Anyway, congratulations my brother for your graduation. I hope you will be mature to face this reality bites and realize that you are not longger a kid anymore!

Outfit for that day: Ethnic Tunic from a friend; Latex leggings:online shopping; Bag;Online shopping; Biker Jacket:Online shopping; Watch:casio gold; Earrings:Divvyyippyhippy; Shoes:Converse



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