May 1, 2009
I know it’s kinnda a boring outfit because I wore this bag and this shoes in two days, but I love it so much. So today is my last exam, it will be a take home exam but my lecture gave me an assignment to do and collect it by this day. So I pick this simple white blouse and my fave faded jeans. Today I feel tired because I ran for printed all my assignment because my print in home didn’t work well. After I gave my assignment I spent all this day by accompany my BFF Prilly to kill the time until her private class, She took vocal class in PSAI (Indonesian Childrens Choir) actually She’s not a child anymore but she just want to improve her vocal skill and she took this private class. So we spent all thime together until her boyfriend pick her up. We spent it with lunch, girls talk and a girl things like go to salon for hair spa. It’s quite fun :D Owh!and today is a labor day and in my town all the labor go to downtown and do demonstrations. I don’t know why they do that because this things make any citizen uncomfortable, but I’m quite sure that’s the problem comes from their payment. For the goverment you should hear their voice, and please talk to the company that hired them to pay more! The last but not least “Happy Labor Day” (should I say this?Happy for labor day?)hahaha.LOL
White blouse:unbranded; Faded jeans:vintage; Earrings:F21; Watch:Casio Vintage; Bag:Royal Queen Ol Shop; Shoes:Custom from Garage Sale Ol Shop
Nite-nite Girls :D
Luv you all,


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