May 7, 2009
May 7th..
Today, I supposed to be had 3 classes. But what I've got it's only 1 class in the morn. So I wasted my time!And I hate my lecture because of this!They didn't come because the worked!What a silly excuse. They supposed to be a great lecture who teach their students in and out the class. So I end up this day with read a novel and doin chit-chat with some friends.I don't have any interesting things on this day, beside I bought a gogirl magazine!hahaha (I told you before that I'm a totaly mags freak!). Can't wait for tomorrow because I'm going to spend my day with my BFF Illy and we have a plan to go to Bandung this Saturday!Perfect plan rite?Sorry for the bored post x(
Abstrac blouse:Thrifted; Washed Pants:unbranded; Bag:Royal Queen Ol Shop; Earrings:F21; Necklace:Amithevintage; Watch:Casio Vintage; Shoes:Garage Sale; Books and mags:Mine
Edited Photo
GoGirl! Passion Issue
Luv you all,


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6 sveet comments

  1. your shoes are really cute :)
    thanks for the sweet comment too!


  2. Anonymous says:

    aku jawab sini saja ya...
    tuh cover gogirl mirip banget sama NYLON...
    aku mah seperti km suka beli majalah...banyak banget
    padahalumur dan bukan 17th hehehehehe
    asik si ngeliat gambar

  3. @Liana:Thanks dear :D

    @Fashion Chalet:Thank You :D
    Your welcome xP

    @Evelynpy:Iya banget,hihihi.Soalnya inspirasi mereka tuh Teen Vogue sama Nylon banget sih!hehehe.Iya sama banget seneng liat gambar,hihihi.Lumayan banget tuh kalo liat majalah-majalah abg gini kan bisa belajar pasar yang di mauin anak-anak jaman sekarang. Kali aja suatu saat kita niat bikin clothing line jadi udah tau deh pasarnya seperti apa :D

  4. I'd like to see a close-up of that shirt of yours. I'm guessing it's a floral? Either way, I love it <3

  5. @Samantha:Hi there :D
    It's not floral dear, it's like a glass pattern,hehehe.LOL
    Thanks :)

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