May 19, 2009
What i need now is a summer vacation specially before I will face my final exam the end of June till the beginning of July.Hmm, just share what should we bring to our summer vacation:

Bring all yours colorful shorts, shades and if you want look girly just bring your flattering mini dress with lollipop colors, if your destination is beach just bring your colorful flipflop :D
Ah and the last one don't forget to bring your camera and post your holiday's picture in your personal blog..


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  1. drollgirl says:

    vacation is a great idea! start planning!!! and i hope finals go well. ugh. i am glad i have not had to take final exams for many years. hahahahah.

  2. @Drollgirl:Lucky you dear because you don't need to do this bored exam anymore,hahaha. You just graduate,rite?Can't wait for this summer vacation:D

    @Yulia:Thanks dear :D

  3. Hi olive,you've gotten an award...Check out my blog ;)

  4. Wow!Thanks dear.I will check out your blog immediately :D

  5. Sama2 olive :)

    Hehe, sbnrnya aku di Bali itu kerja sih. Cuma tetep aja yg namanya di Bali kerja terasa liburan...Hahahahaha...

  6. Anonymous says:

    me too :)

  7. @Petruskabiel:Wah enaknya :D
    Kirain km masih kul,hehehehe.Kerja apa?Kalo tour guide kayaknya enak banget tuh,hehehehe
    @Sarah:thank u for coming :D

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