May 17, 2009
Outfit for first day:
white tee:Magic Happens; Balck Shorts:unbranded from Korea; Gray Long Sleeve Cardi:Local Ol Shop; Earrings:Diva; Bracelets:a gift from Nancy and hunted stuff from Bandung; Watch:o.d.m; Lime Shawl:Cutton.Ink; Black Flip-Floops:Ando; Fringe Bag: Local Ol Shop

This weekend I just moved to Bandung again just like a week ago.
I went to this city again to visit my lovely brother who staying in Bandung for 3 weeks until he will finish his business to apply in ITB. So I went there with my mom and my driver Mr. Miswan (or I called him Mr. Missed One,hahaha). We went at 07.30am and arrived there at 09.30am, first destination is Rumah Mode (it's factory outlet) as usual,hahaha. I searching for the black big sweater but i didn't find it,huh!So I met my cousin there and we moved to Riau street for another shopping time but I didn't find anything catchy stuffs.

Gray long vest.Is it look cute?
Cropped mini vest:it's really cute but to small for me x(
Which one look better?Finally I choose the gray one.
White off is a great color for me but I never have a black cardi so I bought the black one :D

For the lunch time we went to "Rumah Sosis" and ate a lot of sausage,hahaha.The place looks comfy and they have a playground for children, this place is really into a family place. After that lunch time we moved to my brother's place in Tubagus Ismail Street in Dago. The place looks good even they lived at small room for 3 guys,hahaha.What a poor lil brother but I looked that he's enjoy it. Go my brother!You should study hard to enter that university, It's my pleasure to visit and help you anytime dear :D For dinner my cousin gave me a suggestion to take a diner in "Wale" a.k.a Warung Lela (maybe the owner's name is Lela,hahahaha) in Dago Pakar.

"Rumah Sosis" or Sausage House in Bandung

Hey, the pice so cheap!!And the place so gorgeous!!It looks traditional with the night lights view,hahaha. They had anyikind of noodles, for that night i choosed "Yahun Manis Bakso"(in Bahasa) or we called it white noodle with meat balls, it's sweet taste :D And along that areas you can find another resto or cafe or you can go to Sierra, they had a night city view :D This place really into me and I don't wanna go home at that moment!

"Warung lela" or "Lela's House" in Dago Pakar
Another shoot from Lela's House

Outfit for the last day and this is my outfit when I went to the chucrch by this morn:

Black top from Mangduw; Black jeans from Topshop; Black earrings from Diva; Gold Watch from Casio; Bracelets from a friend and hunting stuff from local market in Bandung; Necklaces from Bandung (its made from acrylic); Fringe bag from local ol shop and Shoes from Garage Sale (sttt, I found a great place to made a great pair of shoes in Bandung)

By the next day or this morn I went to GII Dago Church, oh my the church just like a mall because they had escalator inside the church! You can find so many teenagers there, maybe you can find your soulmate there!hahaha. Lunch time!We picked Sundanesse cuisine and my cousin dropped us in Sundanesse resto (that i forgot the name,hahaha), I choose "Nasi Timbel and Pepes Jamur" uh it's so yummy. They had a great taste and not to spicy just comfy in my touge :D We go back to Jakarta by 2 pm and arrived here at 03.30pm. After that we went to Pejaten Village Mall for buy another grocery items and sketch book for my self :D What a hetic day but I love it, next time I will come back to Bandung for another Food Testing Time!There is so many cool place that I never visit it and I really love their foods!!Hmm..Maybe I called Bandung is the Heaven of a taste food!
What I've got from there!!
What I've got are two sweaters in black and gray color, Bird Necklace (its handmade from acrylic things) and a cute mini pillow; bellow that pic are stuffs from Hypermart, they are red flip-flops; pens, paintbrush, sketch book and room essence.
*Photo source from Google and Personal Digicam :D
Luv you all,


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  1. wahwah, stoknya RUMOD lg keren2 yah kak .
    i miss bandung so much


  2. @Issye:Enggak juga sih dear, cuman cardigannya lumayan lah,hehehe.Dibandingkan FO lain rumod sih paling bermutu :D
    You should go there :D

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