May 4, 2009
Today is my free day. I spent this entire morn by watched Maid of Honer for the 3rd times and read my lovely novel "Titanium" by Sitta Karina. Really nejoy this day alot. After that, I went to Hin City office to pick up my brother. We had a plan to go to Tarumanegara University for submit his form, lucky me because I made a plan to met Rena. Rena is my highschool mate, She studies in Trisakti took Product Design. She told me that I should took Design just like her and for your information I really like design alot from interior, graphic and web design bet my parents didn't agree if I took that major so now I'm stuck in accounting,hahaha.
Hitler's T-shirt by Magic Happens; Jeans:Topshop; Scarf:mom's collection (used it as a headband); Earrings by Diva; Shoes by Petitecupcakes and Bag from Royal Queen Online Store

After that I drop my car in Barito and took "Sop Kaki Kambing Bang Irwan" as my lunch menu. And after that we take a tour around that area for looking cuties animal in there. For your information Barito is the place that we can found many kinds of animals like cat, dog, rabbit, brid, monkey, hamster even a snake. Some of that animal is very rare but they sell it. Sometimes when I passed that stree I was wondering is that the owner really kind to those animal?Because the put all that animal in a small cage. But I have a plan to buy a couple of love bird. They really cute and look lovely. I really mean it, beside that I tought It will cool if I can take a photo with those bird :D
Today such a great and a perfect day for me because this day I spent rest of my day with my brother. We had a great quality time and i love it.
Me and My brother

Today's outfit
Luv you all,


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  1. hi! salam kenal... i've tagged you on some questions... would you mind answer it?? please visit

    see ya!

  2. Hi. We already know each other because sometimes I sent you an email for asked something about maintain my blod :D
    I'd love too dear xP

  3. cocorosa says:

    ohhhhhh I love this t-shirt so much!!! do people comment on it? I can wear everything to work but I think they will get angry when I wear that t-shirt haha :) I love it :)

  4. Me too, it designed by local designer from my town. They're so creative and i love their label, they named it Magic Happens, maybe because the design one of a kind :D
    Not really, you're the first one comment about my t-shirt xP
    Yup!You should wear anything but still sophisticated as your signature outfit, not a simple one like this :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    waduh tuh foto2nya kok beda dari yang di chicto...
    lebih banyak n lebih kece

  6. ONiC says:

    aku dulu juga mau ambil design interior, tp gak boleh :( hiks.
    parents tsk tsk..

  7. @Eve:Iya blognya lebih rajin di updat di banding chicblognya (chictopia),hehehe.
    Thank you for visiting my blog dear :D

  8. @Onic:Percuma kalau menyesal sekarang dear :D
    Kalo menurut aku jalanin aja apa yang kamu ambil sekarang, kalau kuliah kamu sudah selesai baru deh ambil hal yang kamu suka, orangtua pasti selalu memberikan pilihan yang terbaik kok buat anaknya walaupun sedikit memaksa :D
    Apa yang km ambil sekarang pastinya diyakini ortu kamu bisa untuk bekal kehidupan kamu kelak.
    Gud luck dear :D

  9. @Evelyn:I know who you are!!You are from Chictopia,hihihi.Really love your lates photo dear :D

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