April 11, 2009
Ok, finally I post this photos for complete my last post about passion day's outfit. Please choose the best look. The mini dress is the first outfit for morning event, and the two latest photos is for an afternoon event. The dress is belong to me, my mom bought it for my 2008 christmas present. And the black blouse belongs to my mom, She has two similar models about this dress, the other one with the beige color. I really like this photo below, coz i feel pretty and energetic in this pic and of course it's because the details of the dress so perfect in this photo. I wore this outfit for Good friday. Happy Good Friday everyone!And can't wait for tomorrow!For our Easter ceremony.

This is my fave pose lately, close up on my face and my half body,hahaha. I know I love my self to much,hahaha.LOL. Get this effect from my BFF, but maybe this loving my self sickness is grow on me lately!
Little black dres: it's a gift from my mom; Black blouse:Vintage from mom's closet; Tighs:Unbranded; Belt: Charles&Keith; Sailor necklace:Topshop; Stars Necklace:Forever21; Earrings; Forever 21; Ring: OG (my ol shop on facebook); Black Clutcth: (x)sml; Shoes: MNG

Black top: unbranded; Black blouse:Vintage from mom's closet; Latex shinny leggings:Unbranded from local online shop; Belt: Charles&Keith; Sailor necklace:Topshop; Earrings; Forever 21; Ring: OG (my ol shop on facebook); Shoutout Bag: LovebugLovebag web; Shoes: custom shoes


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2 sveet comments

  1. kirain tas I <3 NERD nya talinya panjang.... kapan belinya??

  2. Enggak, talinya pendek Sal jadi cuman bisa di tenteng atau dikepit,hehehe.
    Udah lama, udah 1 minggu yang lalu deh kayaknya,hehehe.
    Kebetulan modelnya anak kampus aku,hihihi.
    Kamu beli juga?

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