April 6, 2009
I don't have any energy to say even one word,hahaha.LOL. I really hate this day!!Why??
1. This day I suppose to be my holiday (free time, I don't have class) But my bussiness communication lecture gave an aditional class at 1 pm, so I must go to my su@#y campus! He said that He will give us a quiz, but what??He didn't do it!
2. When I went to my church from the campus, it's stuck!I've got a very bad traffic jam!!From my campus to my church I've got stuck for 2 hours!Imagine that!It's only about 5-6km.
3. I supposed to be go to BCA, because the class is overtime then Ican't go there!
4. When I got stuck, I went to the church and have some chit-chat until 08.30pm then I come back home.
5. I still have management audit assignment to do for wednesday!
6. Because a very bad trafic jam, I can't brought a feed for my fish!
What the beutiful day hah?I must consider about driving a car anyomore!It must be with my Driver!Please Mr. Miswan as my driver, please come back home!We need you!! (Actually He went back to his village to meet his family)

Sorry I didn't take a picture of my outfit today, because I feel angry and ugly!hahaha. But When I was in the middle of a very bad traffic jam, I took come of my funny face pic. It's an exspresion of mine in the middle of the traffic jam!Cars everywhere!Hmm.. I think I've got carphobia!hahahaha.LOL


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