April 15, 2009
Back again with me!hehehe.LOL. Now I'm stay at Starbucks PS with my BFF Gayatri (I called her Aya). They have free hotspot so I can post my whole activities for today ^_^ But I can't post my outfit today because I forgot to bring my Cable Data,hahaha. Check this latest trend x)

Hot Items for this Spring season!Actually in My Country, Indonesia We only have 2 season, summer and rainy season and now the season looks blur,hahaha.Why?Because sometimes we feel hot and sometimes the rain falling down in shinny day! So this hot items list still available for our season, rite?
I have a comfortable outfit for hang out with the girls in the night,hahaha.But minus the high heels, because I never enjoyed to hangout with those heels!hahahaha. Like what i said in my last post, I will love to receive any comments for this blog.
Gray Top:unbranded from factory outlet; Balck Shinny Latex Leggings:unbranded from local online shop; White/Gray Headband:Handmade by my self; Bracelets: unbranded, gift from Wanda, Gift from Aya; Watch:Casio Vintage; Black Purse: (x)sml; Chunky Chain (Necklace):Handmade by my self; Shoes:MNG




Ohh!!Can't wait for next episode of Gossip Girl season2! I still love Chuck and I love Blair too!I like the problems between Blair, Chuck and Nate. But I prefer Blair with Chuck! I will search their latest video scope and post it as the next post. For your information I will take my photoshoot with preppy elegant style like Blair's signature style.

I know you love me,


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  1. M. and O. says:

    news in Olivia & Mariam's blog ;) come on. xx

  2. Wow!! We have the same name ^_^
    Nice blog!! and I love the blury effects.LOL

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