March 16, 2009
I've been browsing another chic blog and found this. Please welcome Keiko Lynn. She's 24 years old and live in Brocklyn for design and make clothes for her clothing line POSTLAPSARIA. She has a nice blog, and updated everyday! I really in love with her style and want to post her outfits over and over again!hahaha.LOL

The 1st thing that I like her, it's because her style is very comfortable. She didn't try to look sexy by something sexy outfit like mini dress or mini skirt. Even she wore the mini skirt, she always put the colorful tights which is I like it so much!

She's just like Blair Waldrof from Gossip Girl tv series. She's like to put cute headband just like Blair which is i love it too. And she has the same style like preppy but still sexy. I think sexyness is not only about a vulgar outfit.She knows how to impressed people around her. And She does a very clean make-up, i mean it's not to much but look pretty.

Ok, I think i talked to much about her. Now i'm trying to impress you with her outfit's. Oh, don't forget to check out her blog here!


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