March 17, 2009

This is my new flavour of cuties necklaces. For this day, I only make the two of design. The shocking pink bow is very huge and bold when u wear it, but it look nice, really =)
And that couple of clown, acctually i have one (and i didn't make it buy i bought it!) because i really love this boy clown so much so i tried to make one.
What do you think?Is it lovely or not?
You know how to order it, right?Just text me at 081806000767/021-99910714


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2 sveet comments

  1. Olive...
    hadoooww... hadooww... gue mo mesen kalung lo jadi ga jadi-jadi hahahaha... maapkeuun ;)

    postingin hasil kreasi kamu dong ;)

  2. Ini semua yang aku post hasil kreasi aku lho =)
    Aku emang joinan sm sahabat aku, tapi yg aku post di blog ini murni kreasi aku =)
    Kamu bisa liat di FB aku lho!
    Add aja, disidebar blog aku ^_^

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