March 28, 2009
My messy room, actually i'm not a messy girl!But for the lauch our new necklaces line so I must doin some extra work to make all that cutie necklaces, and make all the ideas from my sketch book to be the real one ^_^

This is my study table but also my work table to create the cutie necklaces

This is some stuff of the material for the necklaces.Look at thw white plastic, inside that plastic i put the materials for my necklaces.And that fax machine is multi task, we can use that as fax mechine, telephone, printing, and scaning but I don't know why it doesn't work!My father brought it for me and that's new!I read a manual book but it can't help me enough. And for the bliss machine above the yellow chair is my lovely stuff to make my hair perfectly curly and sexy,hahaha.LOL

This is my true life schedule board. I put all the things here!So it looks not nice because i didn't have so much time to make that board more pretty,hahaha. All the papaers is about the order, picture, class scedule, my wish list, shipping forms, and food bills,hahaha.

This green sofa is my fave place to create some new idea. My ucle gave it to me after i moved to my new house about a year ago. And look at now!It looks messy,hahaha. All about clothes, bag, canvas shoes made by my self, and some plastic (I have one plastic contains of the garage sale stuffs that i got there about 1 month ago,hahaha)

I think, only this part that look more humanism,hahaha. Except the green part of course,hahaha.Don't worry because i'm going to make it well now, i will post the progress of my room,hahaha.

Enjoy ur saturday night gals :D


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