December 14, 2008
Today I decide to make my own blog. This blog to share about my life, my oppinion about what i like and what i feel about it.

Today i went to the church with my family. This time i must be a organist for the advent ceremony in my church. So i want to make this day perfect by wearing some classy and mature outfits.

The white blouse : Zara Woman

The Black Pencil Skirt : random brand from hongkong

Headband, Earrings, Necklace : Diva Accessories

Watch : Casio Vintage

Tights : anywhere

Shoes : MNG

Today are going well coz my plane is going well to. Today is a new day and Today is the perfect day for me =)


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  1. shoesnya diperjelas dunks, sepertinya kereeen hihihi... :)

  2. it's a black wages.Get it from mango on reduce price ^_^
    lucky me!!

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