December 21, 2008

Yesterday, I was going to 'Mangga Dua' It's a shopping place in my town that offer many fashion stuff at cheap price, we can improve our self in bargain skill =)I'm not in the mood to shop, so I just look around and accompanied my mom to buy some stuff for home decorating.And then I have an idea by searching a new tights for the christmas events. Si i ended with 2 color of tighs. There are brown and grey tights.But i'm still want to but another color, like green or red but they didn't have it.Something going wrong when the problems is coming and it can't be solve. I need somebody to help me to get the right way to makes my life better than now.I hope next year will be the great year for me to finished my school and taking experience in the real world.

Headband by monsoon; shirt by mng basic;belt by vintage; skirt by trift store; bag by nike; shoes by charles&keith


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Oliphe, ini baru ya??
    Great, welcome to the fash-blog world!!

    Btw, kalo mau contact kita bisa ke or

    Nice blog!

  2. lovely outfit, sista! :)

  3. sixstar says:

    thank's advicenya di blog hottalotta liat lagi ya dan kasih advice lagi buat gw !!!!ada masalah baru nih liat ya!!

  4. thank u mira =)
    baru memulai ni, tapi susah banget meluangkan waktu buat ngepostnya,hehehe
    salam kenal ^_^

  5. beautiful I really like your blog dear

  6. nice ..
    u look so vintage^^

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