August 21, 2012
I don't usually like to promote something on my blog
except it's made by my friend or i really like it and recommend it to others, but can't hold it anymore

This brand called them self Runway Bandits is too much to keep it by my self, their lookbook getting interesting more and more

Really drilling over their each Lookbook! Because of them I wish I live in Singapore for real! Even i love my country more,lol. Never had experience with their real stuffs, I mean in picture looks so good doesn't mean the real thing is as good as what we seen but from my research and their customer feedback, their stuff seems fine. 

I'm planning to buy at least on of them but still not sure which one is the great choice for christmas or new years outfit. I know it's kindda a few months a head but i'm a well plan specially for outfits so i want to get the perfect one. Anyway from this cookbook I keep my eye on that parka jacket!

Enjoy the shoots and you can check their site here!

find another chameleon doll at:


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  1. Amazing pictures!...I love the first photo dear!.)...M*

  2. jennifer says:

    I love this lookbook! Never actually hurd of this brand though. Thanks for introducing it to me Xo

  3. Hi Jen! this brand comes from singapore, I just adore their cookbook :) I think they provide worldwide shipping, just check their site.

  4. Woah, I think you just introduced me to a new favorite brand! Thanks, but if I spent all my money I'm blaming you haha

  5. Amazing post and i love your style =) big like!!! discovered your blog on IFB,wanna follow each other? =)


  6. Fab style, love the blazers, there all so HOT..found you on IFb



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