July 10, 2012

It's been a long time..
I've been busy with work, friends and my own minds,lol
Just post some necessary things that I've got from bright spot event last month
I know it's very late post about that event, I just want to share my have brand
whenI attended the hyped event in my town!

I've got a sticker for may iPod from verre comparel, they had a small booth with a huge customer
It's a little bit difficult to choose the skin amongst the other catchy graphics
I was eager to buy another skin for my notebook but still thinking it's not really necessary,hehe

Then I was came to my have booth Nikicio! I've got the invitation from them!
Even I was entered by showing some cc that doing collaboration with the founder of bright spot market
Got this shirt very in a good price and willing make a copy with another material and color
trust me this shirt is very comfortable.

Next I've got Melissa shoes also in a good price!hahaha
Love them because of the catchy color, I'm not really a big fan of purple
sssttt.. if my office mate see this, she's gonna be trying to steal this pair from me

I was also took cotton ink's booklet, since i have an eye for a few pieces
but they not sell it in this event and I'm still waiting until it's coming to their webstore

Last piece is Gudily's straw!
It's like a dream come true!
I'm dying to have this straw since I love blogwalking and seeking
some inspiration for party supplies or bedroom decoration
I've been seeing this cutie straw for a millions time

So when i saw this at brightspot market, I just asked the price
and thinking about a few minutes, then decide to buy in two colors with a different pattern
Trust me, when you came there I bet you will buy all the things that they sell!

I came almost everyday to that event, to see and doing research about what's going on
in this local fashion industries and trying figure out about the next trend
or just seeing what kind of stuffs that people looking for
I'm really a geek who loves doing research or just seeing people and figure their character
or style based on their outfit or their body language

hmm.. maybe i supposed to take psychology,lol
Anyway, i hope this will help you to shop a local product
all is local except for mellisa sandals and Gudily's stuffs

Last 8th bright spot is better than the cycle 7th
since all of designer release a summer pieces that lots of colors.

Gonna make a few post after this one
since so many stories that i want to share with you all :)

XO. Olive


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