June 11, 2012
New babies on my shoes rack!

First time I look this shoes, I just love it!
Coming with nude and orange
Believe me it was a hard choice to pick between nude and orange
but I never regret it, i know this color will be perfect pair for any clothes

Since a shoes with transparent details will be the next trend
I bet it will since i do a little research
and see a local designer in my town produce it
also a few bloggers love to wear it
and i see from a few collections from a few worldwide designer

This shoes are local stuffs created by a friend
So I've got a chance to be the first trial and give a feedback about this heels

Coming with 2cm platform and under 10cm heels
of course this shoes very comfortable
I wore it about 15 minutes walking around my house
and still i feel comfortable

One thing that look different is a pair of sole
made from a soft material without any stretch mark
but i'm sure you don't need to be worried when walking around trough the rain

Go order a pair and you will agree with me
that this local product has a great quality
They're coming with a few models and you can pick your own color

Reach them here!
They named it "MARAN"

By the way i would like to say thank you
for a designer behind this label who gave me this beautiful pair
I would love to make the next order :)

XO. Olive


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  1. beautiful! i'll go straight to their web and see the coll for myself. hehe.. thanks for sharing! :)

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