August 17, 2011
outfit for today:
random racer tank//white jumper by oneandahalf
mid length pants by (x)sml//chunky ring by F21//
headband by (x)sml//owl earrings//vintage watch

Today's quite amazing beside my country celebrating the independece day, I also can enjoy my free time. So I would say today I've been my Mom's driver. I just go to malls to get some girl stuffs, actually i supposed to be learn how to use my camera specially to explore every single feature, but can't say no to my Mom. I just asked her to stop by The Goods Dept my fave store all the time to see the art exhibition. Really this time I can hold my self to buy something from this store.

This exhibition called "Maping Randomness" my fave artworks are by Nuri Fatima. If you intend to know more about her, I suggest to buy NYLON IND latest edition. She's one of a designer behind kandura. My fave stuffs from kandura is their rings collections that made from ceramics. She just focus on making an art by stitching in a canvas, so as seen from the pictures below, she really put a big effort for this exhibition just enjoy it. 

By the way for this month local megazine i will vote for NYLON IND and FRANKIE latest issue for international magazine because they have a really great articles. NYLON showed us about local artist and FRAKIE showed us about social issue, it's really touch my heart when i reat those articles, really inspiring to do a great things, to be a better person and be greatful for whan we have right now.
Nuri Fatima's artwork

others artwork.
Diana Roeayyah
Irwan Ahmett
Iwan Effendi
Nuri Fatima
Renjani Da
Ridwan Noer
Septiani Harriyoga

Another piece of art by balletcats..
I'm not in love with their t-shirt but
also their artworks and their videos like this

Oh Fuck, You Just Crushed the Entire Liliput Village from The Balletcats on Vimeo.


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  1. cute!!!

    xoxo from rome

  2. Great artwork and Happy Independence day ;) xo

  3. michelle_ says:

    RE : i use any products that I find suitable for my skin.. i dont think expensive always equals to good when it comes to skincare.. it's just a matter of how your skin reacts with it.. and it's always different for everyone :)

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