September 4, 2010
Bad things and good things coming to my life in the same time! First I'm supper excited about thi day because i will pick up my brand new label. Then I already enjoyed with my tax classes even in this day this class was really hard to be followed why?because my class mate was anoying! Oh please i'm still learning all bout the rules and they don't want to teach me!hello!You're not the smartest person who knows everything about taxes!Oh i hate her! Now i really make a new friend, a nice one! and i must study hard for the exam to prove to her that i'm not a stupid girl. She look at me it looks like i'm the stupid girl on a class. yeah i will prove it!
So before i went to my tax course, I was picked my new label. I choose the small one because i want to stitch it on all my stuffs. so this weekend i'll spend it with stitch the brand to all dress even skirts that i have and put it on my friend's store. i hope it will going well. Super excited and i can't wait!! So i want to invite you to garage sale at Ruang Rupa Tebet this Sunday at 1pm. Please come and you can buy all vintage and pre-owned stuffs that belongs to me. I join this garage sale even because my friend was invited me and i hope i can get an extra money to buy my own sewing machine from my won money. Just wish me a big luck and big hugs . I've got one new follower, thank you for following my blog and i hope you'll enjoy to read my writing

Oh i want to say that this clogs super comfortable and the price is affordable. It's not heavy and really fit to my feets even i have a big problem with my big toe. And they are trusted seller, i ordered this pairs even the pairs was ready. I will spend this noon with my church's friends, we will have dinner together and I'm really excited about this meeting. See you at PP girls. So the last words: Have a nice weekend readers :)

unrabnded off white thank// dark blue pants by zara woman// vintage belt// plaid t-shirt by greenfield that belongs to my brother // vintage earring from korea// fossil watch// mustache ring// brown clogs from kloom clogswear// mustard tote bag from bangkok
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