September 23, 2010
Time flies too fast when you have so much things to do. Actually my life is back, my happiness is back and now i can rule my world. I have so much opportunities. I already said to my Mom what i want for my future and now She support me. I don't want to take a look what happened behind but I want to focus on my future on my dream. I've been inspired by the dreamcatcher, this things drive away all the bad dreams so I hope i can catch my dream, put away the negative things behind and looking ahead. I hope i can control my swing mood and still focus. I'm happy that i can meet a new people, a people that comes from the different background than mine. They teach me a lot, they make me see the real world. Some people say sometimes this world seems so small but actually in real life it's really huge. I like to be free, i know we are social beings but it doesn't mean that we can do something by our self and always depending by others.

So I want to share about my experience from the last garage sale event. Girls that came with their boyfriend always ask her boyfriend if they intend to buy something. I think it's just a clothes or shoes or maybe a bag. How the relationship makes you can't have your own decision? He has his own life and you have your own life too. You supposed to be independent when it comes with a simple things like that. It has noting to do with your relationship. When you buy something that your boyfriend doesn't like it, will he break-up with you? I don't think so, if it happened that it's a perfect time to catch another guy! Think as a man and Act like a lady! Don't be a stupid material girls, it's 2010. Improve your self, make a job and doing everything that you want to do. If he loves you then he will support you.

Will update thechameleon store soon. wish me luck and i hope you will love the new collections. See this brand offline at OLT Store : Jl. Mendawai 1 No. 84 (Next to Seba Shoes) Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Selatan (Indonesia). Have a nice day.

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