August 2, 2010
Happy Sunday to all of you :)
I'm too tired to write this post, so i just posted it by this morning.
Like another beautiful Sunday, I spent this morning with my mom and my brother. We went to church together and after church service we had a different activities so we are seperated then. After church service i had a meeting with the youth community in my church, it took about almost 2 hours. I went home first because my Mom has been waiting for me too long and i felt bad about it. After that I had a lunch with Mom and Dad at home because this is a rare moment since my mom is a working Mom and my Dad just retired beside that my Dad still in recovery after a bad accident a year ago.

About my feeling this day: I'm glad that me and my friend can share what we felt lately about our project, i assume that people in here only talk about academic score but i think that's not really important because i can see by my eyes that if you don't really care with your surroundings, it will be nothing!You will be the @$#% person and people will ignore you, they will do the same thing as you do to them!
I feel pity with this person, because this person just care with the packaging or the opinion from another person, I called it as 'selfish' because this person want to be a center, this person want to be seen and notice by all people around him/her. Oh please, it soo last year. The more i see you, the more you loose your good personality. they've been changed into bad impression!

At noon, i went to supermarket to buy groceries. First i went to Ace Hardware (place when we can find any stuffs for the house equipment). I've been searching for gold spray because i want to spray my glue gun and my scissors with it to make those stuffs look more fabulous (psst..get the idea from p.s i made this site)
But i can't find it there, so i just bought some fresh fishes from Ranch Market (bwlow the Ace Hardware). They give a great over to all their customer, they have a project with WWF-Indonesia. They made a shopping bag from organic cotton then they sell it. When we buy it, it means that we donated our money to them for plant a tree. One Bag for one tree!Interesting project and i participated by buy one of them, beside that it's an extra ordinary shopping bag because it's huge!Very different from another shopping bag that we can find in this town. After that i moved to Hypermart (another supermarket) and finally found the gold spray that i've been loking for, I'm soo happy and can't wait to use it.
Hmm..I bought the latest edition of Girlfriend Magz and this magz really awesome!so inspiring!I prefer this magazine than another magazine in my country :)

Dear my besfriend Illy:"Don't be affraid, I know that you will be trough this things well. Please use your time wisely to study those script!You go girl :)" I love to share a long story just a long time ago. I hope i can do it everyday, because blogging makes me happy :D

Black Top by Proud Parents(A.O.D)//Stripes Skirt by Sugarfox Onlineshop//Black Skinny Belt(comes with my tailored pants)//
Unbranded Black Tights//Earrings from forever21//Watch by Chomel//Chain Bag by Online Store//Black Wedges by MNG

Inspiring thoughts by Cade Martin (I'm trying to keep it in my mind)

My last purchased for this month:
Dotted Lace Top by (x)sml//Teen Vouge Handbook//Bow Chain Purse
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  1. Claude says:

    i love your skirt! i'm very into stripes at the moment ;)

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