June 28, 2010

Nagi Noda biography:
Director of Music Video Direction of TV commercial. Advertising Campaign, CD jacket designing, Multi-siciplinary art. Anative of Tokyo, spent 5 years in New York before returning to Japan in 187. Music video and commercials director Nagi Noda has signed to Patizan. She direct music videos such as Yuki Tiga, Scissor Sisters, and a short film such as “being appraised as an Ex Fat Girl”, featuring exercising poodles and projects for Nike and Laforet, for which she has won a host of prizes. She also shot last year in hugely anticipated Coke spotor Mother in London, featuring a track recorded by Jack White, lead singer of the White Stripe, which as yet has no air date, also Libertine Hanpandas made in collaboration with LA-NY designer Libertine. She recently starts her fashion label “Broken Label” collaborate with Mark Ryden who is very famous as fine art painter. “Broken Label” is available at Colette in Paris ets. Now release a GAP book no.22) about Nagi’s work.

Short Film:
2000 “46 wrinkles”
2002 “Small Square Stories”
2003 “Wedding dress, mourning dress, party dress”
2003 Franc franc “Small Love Stories”
2004 fitness video for being appraised as an “Ex-Fat Girl”

2004 Horror Café
Kitty-Ex in Tokyo
Preserve your instinct academy associates
2006.2 Nagi Noda exhibition egg (Tokyo)
2006.4 Nagi Noda exhibition at Colette (Paris)
2006.4 Broken Label show window at Colette (Paris)
2007.3 Horror Café 2 etc…

About awards,
NYADC GOLD/SILVER 200220032004, CANNES FESTIVAL 2004, TOKYO AD 2001/2003, NY FILM FESTIVAL SILVER 2003, TOKYO ADC 1999/2002/2003, etc…
Check out her works here!
source: naginoda site and tinytoadstool
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